ThoroughClean P13R-36C-T

ThoroughClean P13R-36C-T

3000psi @ 18 litres per minute (alternate set ups available)

Model: P13R-30C Trailer
Honda 13HP Genuine Honda Petrol Driven – Trailer Cold Water Pressure Cleaner (with 1,000 litre IBC water tank) built to Rental Spec.
Features a Hawk HC556 pump: 3000 PSI Maximum Pump Pressure, 18 LPM.
A reliable self-contained trailer unit for pressure cleaning at remote locations like construction sites where water supply is not readily available.

Also available as 10 HP Kohler, Kubota or Yanmar Diesel Driven models with similar pressure and flow.
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  • Genuine Honda GX390 13 HP Air Cooled Petrol Engine
  • Electric or Recoil start
  • Wired to shut down on low tank water level. (When fitted with breaktank)
  • 2:1 reduction gearbox between engine and pump.
  • Ball bearing supported crankshaft
  • Overhead Valve design


This engine was specifically chosen for this machine due to it's reliability and performance, whether it be in the arid parts of Australia or offshore, this Honda will keep on running.
  • Automatic low water level shut down prevents the pump from cavitation and running dry, which is one of the leading causes of pump failure.
  • The gearbox reduces vibrations travelling from the engine to the pump and allows the pump to run at half of the engine speed.
  • The ball bearing supported crankshaft allows for greater stability.
  • OHV design allows for increased efficiency and optimal power transfer.




  • HAWK NMT1820 Triplex Pump rated at 3000 PSI max @ 18 LPM.
  • The pump is de-rated to 2600-3000 PSI
  • Ceramic sleeved, stainless steel piston plunger rods and brass pump head.
  • Low speed pump running at 1450 RPM
  • A frame mounted slave oil tank triples oil supply to the pump. (When fitted with oil tank)


The pump is the heart of your pressure cleaner and the most important component. HAWK pumps are the best in the high pressure industry, and are known for their exceptional quality, reliability and efficiency.
  • De-rating the pump ensures that it operates at less than its rated maximum power in order to prolong its life.
  • Low speed pumps and their seals last much longer, and are also less vulnerable to the effects of 'dry running' compared to a high speed pump.
  • The oil slave tank prevents oil starvation of the pump and was incorporated due to operators not checking oil levels daily.




IBC TrailerFeatures & Benefits:
  • Heavy Duty 4x4 style, fully hot dipped galvanised, low vibration steel chassis
  • Separate vibration mounted subframe
  • IBC tank hold down brackets
  • Land cruiser style wheels on 2-ton axle with spare wheel.
  • LED side clearance lights
  • High Pressure hose is also frame mounted – not mounted directly on the pump – so no pulling on vulnerable hose fittings when in operation.



By-Pass Valve

K7 By-Pass ValveFeatures:
  • Features an Italian made K7 bypass Valve
  • Soft acting By-pass valve
  • Zero pressure stored in hose when trigger is released
  • By-pass valve is frame mounted

  • The K7 By-Pass Valve is a soft-acting which means the pressure comes on gradually – no kick-back on the gun when you pull the trigger. This makes it safe and seals last longer.
  • Zero pressure is stored in hose when the gun’s trigger is released or unit is switched off. This unique feature makes it safe and again less wear and tear on by-pass valve, hose and gun seals.
  • The By-pass valve is frame-mounted, not hanging off the pump where it amplifies vibration causing extra stress on the drive gearbox and drive shafts.




Black Water FilterFeatures & Benefits:
  • A large capacity heavy duty industrial water filter
  • Stainless steel mesh that protects the pump’s ceramic pistons against water line debris and extending pump life.
  • NOT just a single water filter or strainer that blocks up easily and causes pump cavitation



Control Box

D10-ControlboxFeatures & Benefits:
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Start-Push button
  • On-Off switch
  • Hour Meter
  • Engine Fault light
  • Water Fault light
  • Emergency stop



Hose, Gun & Pressure Gauge

P6 Hose Gun GuageFeatures & Benefits:
  • 30m 3/8″ double wire R2 HP Hose rated to 5000 PSI with stainless steel fittings. (4X burst rating)
  • Mounted on heavy duty galvanised hose reel
  • Hose swivel prevents kinks and hose stiffness while pressure cleaning making it operator friendly
  • Tough Italian made 4060 PSI gun with Stainless Steel lance with moulded hand grip
  • 900mm Insulated stainless steel lance
  • Stainless Steel BSP/NPT Nozzle Holder fitted to the lance with a 1/4″ stainless steel nozzle with 15 degree fan for general cleaning – correctly sized for pressure and flow
  • Stainless Steel pressure gauge – liquid filled to protect against pressure spikes



Rental Spec Features

Retal Spec FeaturesFeatures & Benefits:
  • Quality galvanised oil tank Lube Buddy to keep pump well lubricated and to prevent oil starvation of the pump (This was incorporated due to operators not checking oil levels daily.)
  • Heavy duty hose reel with a capacity up of to 50m of high pressure hose. This reel is mounted in the frame.
  • Frame mounted water break tank with Automatic low water level shutdown
  • Oil Drip tray