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    Pressure Cleaner Shop has a new range best designed to meet your requirements and we will extend the life of your investment!

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    Aussie Pumps - NILFISK - Spitwater - B.A.R - Karcher - Thoroughclean

    Pressure Cleaner Shop takes the time to listen and understand your needs and requirements when investing in a new pressure Cleaner. Because we work with you to determine your specific needs we guarantee our products will meet your application.

    • Petrol, Electric and Diesel drive.
    • Portable and Skid-mount units.
    • Custom Builds.
    • Trailers.
    • Commercial, Industrial and Mine-Spec.
    • Hot and Cold water.
    • Aussie Jetters - Drain Cleaners.

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    Scheduled Servicing

    Service - Repair - Warranty

    Aussie Pumps - Karcher - Spitwater - B.A.R - Thoroughclean - Gerni - Kranzle

    Authorized Aussie Pumps Service Centre.

    Pressure Cleaner Shop will undertake all your service requirements, diagnostics and repairs. With years of experience we cover all water blaster makes and models, and because we have a mobile service, it means to you a responsive specialist dedicated to get your machine running and performing.

    • Aussie Pumps
    • Karcher
    • Spitwater
    • Thoroughclean

    With our regular servicing schedules - we will extend the life of your investment!

    Spare Parts and Accessories

    Hoses - Guns - Lances - Turbo's - Foamers

    Full range of spares and accessories, call us or drop in

    • Fan Jet Nozzles
    • Turbo Nozzles
    • Unloader Valves
    • High Pressure Hoses
    • Pumps
    • Lances / Guns
    • Hose Reels
    • plus much more...

    If you need something more specific call us - we love to help - let us know how we can assist you today.


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    The Thunderwash water blaster is Italian designed and made especially for Kerrick. Engineered to perform, this is a modern powerful unit that gives good value for money and is ideal for the tradesman or home owner. The Thunderwash comes complete with vario nozzle and turbo nozzle as standard, is single phase with auto stop for safety and is good for all those cleaning jobs where a professional water blaster is required.
    Coming soon
    20" Whirlaway Surface Cleaner
    The 20" Whirlaway makes quick work of moss and grime on a number of surfaces including, paving, concrete, sidewalks and tiles without striping or causing damage. The unit has a lightweight polyethylene cover and runs on a hover system with splash protection. It’s a popular surface cleaner for retail outlet and office parking areas, educational facilities, warehouses and factories. Alongside the 18” Whirlaway it’s one of the highest selling surface cleaners to local Australian Councils (and contract cleaners who service the Councils) as it's an easy to use, effective and cost efficient solution
    Coming soon
    Jumbo Hot Water Pressure Washer 3 Phase 2910 psi
    A beast of a machine the Jumbo hot water pressure washer is large heavy duty cleaner that annihilates dirt, fat, grease or anything else that gets in its way. Ideal for the industrial sector this machine gets the job done quickly and gets it done properly! Features include the ability to double as a cold water system, time delayed stop, easy access for maintenance, lifting eyelets and the list goes on (see 'Features' tab). The stainless steel cover gives long lasting protection to your investment and the low speed Interpump ceramic plunger pump offers much longer operational life than older st
    Coming soon
    Hippo Hot Water Pressure Washer 3 Phase 2910 psi
    The Hippo is a mid-sized hot water pressure cleaner that heats water up to 100°C to quickly cut through dirt and grease. Better yet it can double as a cold water cleaner so you get great value for money and can tackle just about any job that comes your way. The Hippo has a powder coated steel frame and is designed to give easy access for maintenance. It also comes with four lifting eyelets, low fuel indication/cut-out, chemical metering valve and many more great features. The stainless steel cover gives long lasting protection to your investment and the low speed Interpump ceramic plunger pump
    Coming soon
    Rhino Hot Water Pressure Cleaner Single Phase 1750 psi
    Although the "baby" of the Hotshot family, the Rhino packs plenty of punch with 1750 psi and a flow rate of 11 litres per minute. Like the Hippo and the Jumbo, this high pressure cleaner is built with a powder coated steel frame and is designed to give easy access for maintenance. The stainless steel cover gives long lasting protection to your investment and the low speed Interpump ceramic plunger pump offers much longer operational life than older style high speed machines. This hot water pressure cleaner is now a firm favourite with the hire industry, to watch a video demo of it in action, c
    Coming soon
    SkyVac Industrial
    The Kerrick SkyVacuum Industrial 85 provides safe and easy gutter vacuuming solutions on a commercial and industrial scale. The powerful 2 motor wet dry vacuum quickly eats away at moss, mud and debris that builds up over time in gutters, making it ideal for heavy duty use on domestic and commercial properties, retail outlets, factories, schools, offices and hospitals. Removing the need for ladders, scaffolding and cherry pickers (which are time consuming and OH&S risks), the SkyVac gutter vacuum system allows work to be carried out at extreme heights by simply attaching the relevant poles

    Coming soon
    Nilfisk floor scrubbers, floor sweepers and Vacuum's

    ALL MODELS AVAILABLE - Commercial and Industrial

    Ride on and walk behind scrubbers - compact / mid size and large.


    Coming soon
    Cold Water Sptiwater Pressure Cleaner
    Electric - 10AMP unit, 240V - 90 Bar (1350PSI)

    Interpump Pump, 10M HP hose.

    Chemical Injector, water filter and pressure gauge.
    All options are out of stock
    Coming soon
    Spitwater - HOT WATER - Electric 15Amp Plug
    Hot / Cold water Pressure Cleaner, 120Bar.

    240Volt Electric Motor. 15AMP plug.

    Dual Lance, Chemical Injector, Commercial machine.

    Contact today for our online special price $3999 INCL GST
    Coming soon
    Aussie Pumps Couger or Equivalent
    Aussie Pumps - Petrol Pressure Washer 4785 PSI 6HP Honda GC190 Engine - Aussie Cougar

    – Genuine Honda GC series engine
    – Compact robust frame
    – Weight 38kg
    – 10” steel wheels with pneumatic tyres
    – Brass head pump with ‘PowerBoost’ system, integrated ‘easy start’ unloader & thermal relief valve
    – Detergent injection … faster cleaning
    – 10 metre wire braid hose
    – Pro gun kit
    – Convenient, easy user instructions
    – 5 Quik Tip nozzles.. Convenient, interchangeable including detergent application nozzle
    Coming soon
    Aussie Pumps AB42
    One of Aussie Pumps Finest
    4000PSI Petrol Water Blaster.
    Honda GX390 Engine
    Compact robust frame
    13" pneumatic wheels
    15M braided hose
    Nozzle pack
    FREE Cap

    Class A machine, these units are awesome.
    View more details...
    All options are out of stock
    Coming soon
    BE Power Petrol Washer
    Handy Man Special


    Portable Water Blaster, Petrol, 8M hose, 2600PSI, Nozzle Pack.

    Last one left.
    All options are out of stock
    Coming soon
    Aussie Pumps - AB30 - 3000PSI Scud
    Tradie Special
    Honda GX Petrol Engine, 3000PSI, "Big Berty" Bertolini pump, compact robust gal frame, Vario lance
    Coming soon
    Black Box - Single Phase Electric
    Powerful - Portable - Professional
    Just Plug and Go.
    2175 Max pump pressure, compact design, brass head triplex pump, 8M wire braid hose, Pro gun and vario lance, 10 Amp plug.

    Coming soon
  • What We Do

    Our company purpose is to build loyalty.




    Because we listen to your situation and look at your main applications, we can provide the right machine or service. This means to you, that by using the correct equipment, your workshop yourself and your staff will be best equipped to operate safely.


    Quality Products

    Pressure Cleaner Shop WA will guarantee you a return on the pressure cleaning equipment because we propose our machines based on your specific performance requirements, which means to you, your investment will make you money and save you money, and the real benefit to this is you and your team will be equipped to operate safely and productively.


    Trusted Advisor

    Our aim is to be your trusted pressure cleaner advisor and build loyalty both externally with our successful clients and internally with our team!

    We customise our products and recommendations to meet your requirements, because an out of the box approach that others take, leads to low performance and higher unplanned maintenance and replacement costs!


    Talk to Experience

    When making your inquiry to a pressure cleaner supplier, be sure the person you are speaking with has an understanding around your specific application. If you want a serious four-wheel drive, you don’t call Porsche or Audi. Yes, they sell four wheel drives, however they are not made for serious off road expeditions.

    The same goes for Pressure cleaners.




    Do not suffer poor pressure cleaner Performance, Productivity and Profitability any longer.

    Talk to people who know, understand and care about the outcomes your pressure cleaning asset should produce for you!

    Whenever you deal with Pressure Cleaner Shop WA, you can trust that you are in great hands.

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